Eustream to begin testing Slovak gas line to Ukraine

Eustream Slovak Gas TSO will begin testing phase for the 10-billion cu m/year Vojany–Uzhorod natural gas pipeline Aug. 16. Eustream is upgrading the previously idle line to return it to service for shipment of gas from the European Union to Ukraine.

Testing will include gradual build-up of pressure, verification, and reliability checks. The company will offer interruptible capacity during testing.

Testing will end in early September, after which Eustream hopes to put the line into commercial service from Slovakia to Ukraine. Earlier estimates from the Ukranian Energy and Coal ministry had initial transport beginning Oct. 1.

Eustream held a tender for capacity on the pipeline earlier this year, with Ukraine’s Naftogaz reporting it had purchased a majority of the line’s capacity until 2019.

The EU Energy Commission has said that a maximum of 8 bcm/year can be shipped to Ukraine through Slovakia. Ukraine hopes to eventually import 30 bcm/year west-to-east as it seeks to diversify its gas supplies away from Russia, which most recently cut off supplies on June 16. The US Energy Information Administration reported Ukranian gas consumption of 51 bcm in 2012.

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