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Tecpetrol, PetroNova test heavy oil on Llanos CPO-13

Tecpetrol, Buenos Aires, will complete the Pendare-2 well on its 80% owned CPO-13 block in Colombia’s Llanos basin in the top of the Basal Carbonera sand unit and perform an extended production test in conjunction with the Pendare-1 well test.

At Pendare-2, drilled to a total depth of 3,401 ft in March and April 2013 more than 1 mile from Pendare-1, mud logs, electric logs, and partly recovered core indicated the presence of a well-developed 50-ft oil-bearing sand section at the top of Basal Carbonera.

Pendare-2 has been tested for 12 hr at the rate of 526 b/d of 13.2° gravity oil with a 3.6% water cut, said PetroNova Inc., Calgary, which has a 20% interest in the block. Limited storage capacity prevented testing at higher drawdowns.

Tecpetrol tested the well on a hydraulic pump through a 38-ft casing window that was underreamed and gravel-packed.

PetroNova said initial results “indicate the presence of a very clean sand section with a higher deliverability than what is typically seen in wells in the eastern Llanos basin.”

The companies announced a hydrocarbon discovery at Pendare-1 well on July 25, 2012. Pendare‐1 tested at 166 b/d of fluid consisting of 14.4° gravity oil, 15% basic sediment and water.

The rig is to be moved north to drill the Atarraya-3 well on the CPO-7 block, which the two firms hold with identical interests.

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