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Medco group to test North Sumatra gas find

A group led by PT Medco Energi plans to test an indicated gas discovery on Block A Aceh in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

The Matang-1 exploratory well has been drilled to 7,893 ft true vertical depth. It penetrated a gross gas column of at least 90 ft in the Oligo-Miocene Upper Bampo limestone formation, the primary reservoir target.  The base of the gas column has not been encountered.

While drilling the primary reservoir target, losses into the formation and gas influx into the well occurred. As a result, Medco chose to suspend the well and to test the reservoir interval drilled to date to obtain flow rate and gas quality information.

Interests in Block A Aceh are Medco and Premier Oil PLC 41.67% each and Japan Petroleum Exploration Co. Ltd. 16.66%.

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