Apache finds northern Carnarvon gas zones at Olympus

One of Apache Corp.’s Australian subsidiaries has drilled an apparent gas discovery at the Olympus-1 exploratory well in the northern Carnarvon basin offshore Western Australia.

Olympus-1 penetrated gas-bearing sands in the Cretaceous Lower Barrow and Triassic Mungaroo formations, said private Finder Exploration Pty. Ltd., Perth, which holds a 5% participating interest in the WA-450-P exploration permit. Total depth is 4,540 m.

Apache Northwest Pty. Ltd., permit operator with 75% interest, will review the well’s outcome and will analyze the numerous reservoir fluid and pressure samples gathered to enable the Joint Venture to assess Olympus resource size, gas composition, and commerciality.

WA-450-P is directly south of giant Gorgon and Clio gas fields and 12 km from the Zola discovery on WA-290-P (OGJ Online, Feb. 23, 2011). Japan Australia LNG (MIMI) Pty. Ltd. holds the other 20% interest in the WA-450-P permit.

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