Egyptian derivatives plant to get wastewater treatment plant

Egyptian Ethylene & Derivatives Co. (Ethydco), Cairo, has let a contract for water treatment at its petroleum derivatives plant in Alexandria to Aquatech, Canonsburg, Pa.

A unit of Egyptian Holding Co. for Petrochemical, Ethydco produces ethylene and other petroleum derivatives at the Alexandria site.

The new treatment plant will include what the Aquatech says will be the first integrated zero liquid discharge plant in Egypt. The technology is a microfiltration system: a High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis system, followed by Fractional Electrodeionization and brine concentrator, and finally a crystallizer and sludge treatment system, said the vendor.

Aquatech Senior Vice-Pres. Karl Michael Millauer said feedwater to the plant will be a mix of treated effluent and water from the Nile River canal, which has inconsistent water chemistry throughout the year.

The water-treatment plant will treat wastewater from the derivatives plant and cooling tower blowdown to yield cooling tower makeup water, boiler feed water, and achieve the zero liquid discharge. The plant will be in operation by early or mid-2014.

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