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Colombia: Petrominerales eyes Llanos basin commerciality

Petrominerales Ltd., Calgary, said it resumed production testing in January 2013 at its Tatama horizontal well in Colombia’s Llanos basin, where the company operates the Rio Ariari, Chiguiro Oeste, and Chiguiro Este blocks.

Since then, the well has produced more than 25,000 bbl of 9° gravity oil from the Mirador formation, demonstrating a production methodology that supports proceeding towards commercialization, the company said.

Once maximum available pump rate was achieved, Petrominerales produced the well at a stabilized average of 556 b/d for a 28-day period with 86% average water cut and a 30% drawdown. During the test, the company observed an improving productivity index and a corresponding improvement in inflow efficiency, demonstrating positive reservoir response.

As a result, Petrominerales is reequipping the well with a larger pump to test for 48 more days, to the limit of the existing water disposal permit. Then it will drill a second horizontal well in the Mochelo area to confirm the southern extension of the oil pool and test the productivity of a more optimally designed horizontal well that should provide the basis for a first phase commercial development.

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