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Light oil production builds at Las Maracas field, Colombia

The Las Maracas-7 well in Las Maracas field on the Los Ocarros block in Colombia’s Llanos basin is on production flowing without treatment from the Basal Gacheta sand, said Petroamerica Oil Corp., Calgary.

Parex Resources Inc., Calgary, operator of the block, production tested the Basal Gacheta and Main Gacheta sands at maximum rates of 1,500 and 2,500 b/d, respectively. The well encountered potential net oil pay in the Mirador, Main Gacheta, and Basal Gacheta.

Basal Gacheta stabilized at 1,049 b/d, natural, of 29° gravity oil on a 24/64-in. choke with 0.4% water cut at the end of a 19-hour test of a 5-ft perforated interval. Short term peaks reached more than 1,495 b/d.

On a 9-hr test on a 32/64-in. choke, Main Gacheta flowed 30° gravity oil at a stabilized 2,027 b/d, natural, from a 6-ft perforated interval with 0.4% water cut. The average oil rate after fluid unloading was 1,972 b/d with short-term peaks exceeding 2,482 b/d.

The well is on production, and the field was making 9,400 b/d of oil as of Jan. 31, 2013. However, Petroamerica said it is anticipated that the field will average 8,500 b/d until the permanent production facility becomes operational in the second quarter of 2013. The Mirador reservoir will be produced later in the field’s life.

Parex Resources and Petroamerica each holds a 50% participating interest in the Los Ocarros block.

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