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BP awards deepwater design studies to Maersk Drilling

BP PLC and Maersk Drilling agreed to develop conceptual engineering designs for next-generation offshore drilling rigs as part of BP’s Project 20K, an initiative to develop what BP calls “next-generation systems…to help unlock the next frontier of deepwater oil and gas resources.”

BP and Maersk will collaborate on concepts for deepwater drilling rigs that can operate in high-pressure, high-temperature reservoirs up to 20,000 psi and 350° F.   BP said current equipment has a technical limit of 15,000 psi and 250° F.

A jointly staffed engineering team will be based in Houston, with support from Maersk’s headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The team will do the engineering studies required to select the optimal design of the 20KTM drilling rigs, riser, and blowout prevention equipment.

Project 20K focuses on technologies for well design and completions; drilling rigs, risers, and blowout preventers; subsea production systems; and well-intervention and containment.

The goal is to be able to explore and produce oil and gas currently beyond the reach of current technology. Last year, BP let contracts to KBR and FMC Technologies under Project 20K (OGJ Newsletter, Nov. 19, 2012).


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