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Quebec: Vuggy porosity, oil, gas found in Gaspe well

Petrolia, Rimouski, Que., will develop production test programs for its Bourque-1 and 2 wells in the eastern Gaspe area of Quebec after consulting engineers found gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons and numerous large vugs in cuttings from the Devonian Forillon carbonate formation in the Bourque-1 well.

Analysis of an imaging log confirmed the presence of a reservoir of good capacity and demonstrated that the Bourque-1 well penetrated numerous zones at 1,465-1,820 m where this type of vuggy porosity is developed.

The regional context of these vugs, which are as large as several tenths of centimeters and are associated with open fracture zones, suggests that weathered zones containing this type of reservoir could be present along the North-West Arm fault, which transects the Bourque structure and is more than 60 km long, Petrolia said.

During drilling, two tests conducted on part of this interval demonstrated the presence of hydrocarbons. One test at the top of the interval recovered 53° gravity oil, and the second in the center of the interval yielded an initial flow of 1.4 MMcfd of wet gas.

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