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McMoRan to design frac job for Davy Jones-1 well

McMoRan Exploration Co., New Orleans, will move the rig off its Davy Jones-1 well on South Marsh Island Block 230 on the Gulf of Mexico shelf offshore Louisiana for several months while it designs a large-scale hydraulic fracture treatment for the Wilcox reservoirs.

McMoRan said future plans will incorporate data gained to date at Davy Jones as well as potential core and log data from the in-progress well at Lineham Creek onshore 50 miles northwest of Davy Jones.

The Davy Jones-1 well logged 200 net ft of pay in multiple Wilcox sands that were all full to base. The Davy Jones-2 offset appraisal well, 2-1/2 miles southwest of Davy Jones-1, confirmed 120 net ft of pay in multiple Wilcox sands, indicating continuity across the major structural features of the Davy Jones prospect. Davy Jones-2 also encountered 192 net ft of potential hydrocarbons in the Tuscaloosa and Lower Cretaceous carbonate sections.

McMoRan is the operator with 63.4% working interest and 50.2% net revenue interest in Davy Jones. Energy XXI (Bermuda) Ltd. has 15.8%, JX Nippon Oil Exploration (Gulf) Ltd. 12%, and Moncrief Offshore LLC 8.8%.

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