Papua New Guinea: InterOil touts Antelope-3 test outcome

InterOil Corp., Houston, said its Antelope-3 well in Papua New Guinea drillstem tested in the upper limestone reservoir at the maximum rate of 44.8 MMcfd of gas with 2,331 psi flowing tubing pressure and that gas composition is similar to that at its Antelope-1 and 2 wells.

Equipment capacity greatly limited the test rate, the company said.

Antelope-3 was drilled conventionally from 5,321.8 ft with cumulative downhole drilling losses of 647 bbl until at 5,817 ft where circulation was lost. The well was then drilled with managed pressure to 5,905.8 ft, the current depth.

At 5,905.8 ft the reservoir is comprised limestone and minor dolomite similar to the upper limestone reservoir observed in the uppermost Antelope-2 well.

Antelope-3 DST-1 utilized a casing packer set at 5,259 ft in the 9 5/8-in. casing and tested a 584-ft open hole interval at 5,321.8-5,905.8 ft through several choke sizes from 24/64-in. to 64/64-in.

At maximum gas rate the flow included condensate at 10.4 to 14.9 bbl/MMcf through a 64/64-in. choke.

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