OMV to develop Latif gas field in Pakistan

OMV AG and partners will drill four wells and lay a 50-km pipeline to develop Latif natural gas field in the Sindh province of Pakistan (OGJ Online, May 4, 2010).

The pipeline will carry production to OMV’s sour gas processing plant at Sawan gas field, where production is declining.

Early production from Latif field, on which three appraisal wells have been drilled, has been handled by OMV’s Kadanwari processing plant.

OMV plans to start production through the Sawan plant in 2013 and to produce 5,700 boe/d in 2014. It estimates plateau production at 18,000 boe/d.

In addition to the drilling and laying of the pipeline, the €107 million development project will include new wellhead compression and reception and metering facilities at Sawan.

In a statement, OMV said the project was enabled by a September change in the Pakistani petroleum policy allowing it to collect gas prices for discoveries and incremental production higher than were available earlier but that still, according to OMV Executive Board Member Jaap Huijskes, “well below competitive fuels.”

OMV operates the Latif concession and holds a 33.34% interest. Eni and Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. hold 33.33% interests each.

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