Louisiana: Development wells discover 15 new pools

Saratoga Resources Inc., Houston, has completed three oil and gas development wells in Southeast Louisiana that also encountered 15 new pool discoveries in sands that had no booked reserves allocated before drilling.

The SL 195QQ-202 “Jupiter” well was drilled in Grand Bay field to 9,688 ft measured total depth and was completed in the 15 sand. It was tested on Aug. 14 gross 245 b/d of oil and 650 Mcfd of gas on a 15/64-in. choke with 860 psi flowing tubing pressure.

The SL 20433-1 “North Tiger” well on Breton Sound Block 19 went to 9,532 ft MTD/9,300 ft true vertical depth and was dually completed. It was tested on Oct. 15 at a gross 517 b/d and 1,457 Mcfd on a 14/64-in. choke with 1,900 psi FTP from the 7,100-ft sand in the short string and 258 b/d and 351 Mcfd on a 17/64-in. choke with 580 psi FTP from the Cib Carst sand in the long string.

The SL 3763-14 “Mesa Verde” well in Vermilion Block 16 field went to 16,258 ft MTD and was completed in the LF-H sand. It was tested on Oct. 12 at a gross 190 b/d and 4,066 Mcfd on a 14/64-in. choke with FTP of 4,300 psi.

Saratoga said its production was shut-in for 15 days as a direct result of Hurricane Isaac and that the company continues to experience some lingering effects from the storm, including deferral of production during the restart of facilities, delays to routine well maintenance, delays in well completions, and delays in flowline installation from the new development wells. Nevertheless, the assets show resilience to storms despite taking a direct impact.

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