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Colombia: Amerisur adds strong Putumayo oil well

Amerisur Resources PLC has placed the No. 5 well in Platanillo field in the Putumayo basin of Colombia on commercial production after having tested it at the rate of 2,472 b/d of 31.8° gravity oil, natural, on choke with 61 psi wellhead pressure.

The well’s controlled production rate of 1,500 b/d initially will boost company output to 3,500 b/d. The well encountered 99 ft gross pay, 79 ft net, in the U sands of the Villeta formation.

The company expressed confidence of achieving a yearend production rate of 5,000 b/d.

Platanillo-5 is the third of a planned eight-well campaign. The next well, Platanillo-9, will be deviated to a bottomhole location 1,500 ft west of Platanillo-3.

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