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Wyoming: BLM inks EAs for Powder River drilling

The US Bureau of Land Management’s Casper, Wyo., field office has released environmental assessments for three oil and gas projects in Converse County and a small part of Niobrara County and invited comment until Oct. 17.

The EAs for the three projects were prepared after multiple operators filed staking notices and applied for drilling permits to explore existing crude oil reserves and determine the potential for oil and natural gas production in the project areas, the field office said.

It said that the Spearhead Ranch EA would involve 56-224 wells from 56 proposed pads, the Highland Road EA 37-148 wells from 37 pads, and the East Converse EA 18-72 wells from 18 pads.

The notice indicated that the proposed projects could involve a combination of vertical and horizontal wells to explore and develop the federal mineral estate. As identified in the EAs, the typical well pad would be designed for 1-4 wells, it said.

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