Thailand: Coastal Songkhla well tops in net oil pay

Coastal Energy Co., Houston, said it will shortly tie in production from the A-10 well in Songkhla A field in the Gulf of Thailand.

Songkhla A-10 went to 7,400 ft true vertical depth and encountered 213 ft of net pay with 20% porosity, “some of the best reservoir characteristics we’ve seen in the Lower Oligocene interval,” the company said. The gross oil column is 550 ft thick.

The well has a record amount of net pay for the Songkhla basin and doubled the volumetric estimates for the field’s easternmost fault block, in which the previously drilled A-12ST-1 well originally tested at 3,500 b/d of oil with 105 ft of pay.

The next well will test the fault block immediately north and if successful could warrant an additional production facility to develop these two fault blocks, the company said.

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