Kazakhstan: Tethys spuds wildcat near Doris oil field

Tethys Petroleum Ltd. has spudded an exploratory well in the North Ustyurt basin of Kazakhstan southeast of the company’s Doris oil and gas field.

The AKD07 well targets a potential downdip field extension at the Cretaceous Aptian sand level in what is believed to be a channel sand system, the Doris sand.

It also will probe an exploratory prospect named Dyna that has been identified on 3D seismic from a bright amplitude anomaly at a slightly shallower level and is interpreted to be part of a separate, larger sand fan or sheet sand system. The gross mean unrisked recoverable prospective resource attributed to the Dyna prospect is 128 million bbl. The well also has a deeper Jurassic level target as interpreted from 3D seismic.

Expected drilling time to 2,540 m is 55 days.

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