FERC delays Alaska gas pipeline environmental impact study

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said it will not move forward on its environmental examination of a proposed natural gas pipeline from Alaska’s North Slope until the project’s sponsors decide whether to build it in Alberta as originally planned or to a liquefaction and export terminal on the state’s southern central coast.

The sponsor, TC Alaska, terminated its open season for the proposed pipeline on May 3 because it was unable to conclude transportation agreements, FERC said on Aug. 29 in its report to Congress about the project.

TC Alaska notified the commission on May 12 that interim work on the Alberta option would be curtailed, but asked that the pre-filing docket be kept open while the sponsor decides what to do.

In addition, TC Alaska indicated that it was working with North Slope producers to explore possibly developing a liquefied natural gas export terminal at an undetermined location in South Central Alaska which would include a pipeline from the North Slope, FERC said.

The sponsor estimated that it would file an application for such a project in October 2014, the federal energy transmission regulator noted.

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