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Dominion places Appalachian, gathering systems into service

Dominion Transmission placed its 484-MMcfd Appalachian Gateway Project into service, transporting natural gas produced in West Virginia and southwest Pennsylvania to storage fields and pipelines in Pennsylvania. Dominion built four gas compressor stations for the project and upgraded two existing stations, adding 17,800 hp to its system.

The project also included about 110 miles of pipeline, beginning in West Virginia and ending at Dominion's and Spectra's jointly owned Oakford facility in Delmont, Pa., east of Pittsburgh.

Dominion also completed its Gathering Enhancement Project (GEP), expanding its natural gas gathering, processing, and liquids facilities in West Virginia. The project increased efficiency and reduced high pressures in Dominion's gathering system, the company said, increasing the amount of natural gas local producers can move through its West Virginia system.

The GEP included upgrades in Dominion's gathering pipelines and compressor stations, 50 MMcfd of gas processing at two plants, and expansion of Dominion's Hastings Extraction Plant in Pine Grove, W.Va. Rex Energy Corp. is among the producers with the ability to receive interruptible service for natural gas liquids uplift through processing at Hastings (OGJ Online, Nov. 2, 2011).

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