Corridor details Anticosti shale exploration program

Corridor Resources Inc., Halifax, NS, provided further details of its 2012 program with Petrolia Inc., Rimouski, Que., to assess the potential of the Macasty shale on Anticosti Island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence offshore Quebec.

Corridor noted that independent consultants have estimated oil in place in the Macasty on its nearly 900,000 net acres (1.5 million gross) on the island at 19.8 billion net (33.9 billion gross) bbl of oil equivalent in undiscovered resource.

The first of three components of the program is the planned drilling of three stratigraphic coreholes at strategic locations to obtain core that will be assessed for its production potential. A key objective is to test one of the thicker Macasty intervals, estimated to be 80 m, where optimal maturities and superior rock parameters are expected.

The second component is an extensive well core and cuttings sampling and analyses project that includes 15 previously drilled wells. Corridor and Petrolia will also sample three wells in the laterally equivalent Utica formation in Ohio and one Utica well in the St. Lawrence Lowlands.

The third component is to undertake a baseline study of the Anticosti groundwater system that consists of drilling and monitoring 14 water wells and conducting a number of surface water studies. This activity will give us a better understanding of the Anticosti aquifer system before further Macasty exploration and development activities are undertaken.

The program’s objective is to further define the resource and help select optimal locations for drilling and testing. Corridor is evaluating options including the possibility of farming out parts of its interest.


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