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API to intensify Vote 4 Energy effort in five key states

The American Petroleum Institute will increase its Vote 4 Energy program in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia with print and online advertisements as it tries to make the issue more prominent in the 2012 election campaigns, API Pres. Jack N. Gerard said.

“It’s all about the voters,” Gerard told reporters during an Aug. 14 teleconference. “That’s why we talk with the American people about this regardless of their political persuasion. The public gets it.”

Gerard’s announcement came as API released results of a Harris Interactive telephone survey of 1,076 registered voters showing strong support from 47% for increased access to US oil and gas resources; 65% feeling strongly that this could lead to more American jobs; 62% feeling strongly that it could lower energy prices; 49% supporting strongly policies that allow more offshore development; and 57% backing strongly the Keystone XL pipeline project, the survey found.

Energy issues loom large for 92% of the responding voters in this election, according to the survey. About 66% consider them “very important” and 26% regard them as “somewhat important,” it said. About 63% feel Washington is on the wrong energy policy (47% strongly and 17% somewhat), the survey found. Respondents were 33% Republican, 32% Democrat, and 24% Independent, with another 6% unspecified, it said.

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