Oman: Three more fault blocks have oil at Farha South

A group led by CC Energy Development SAL (Oman branch) has discovered the Barik reservoir to be oil-bearing in three more previously undrilled fault blocks at Farha South field on Block 3 onshore northern Oman.

Of 10 wells completed in the quarter ended June 30, five production wells were drilled and completed in previously drilled fault blocks to increase production and two water injection wells were drilled and completed. Two rigs are working, said participant Tethys Oil AB, Stockholm.

Fourteen fault blocks are in production, and more will be drilled later this year. During coming months increased focus will be on exploration, with exploratory wells to be drilled also in Block 4.

CC Energy Development is operator with 50% interest in blocks 3 and 4. Tethys Oil has 30% interest, and Mitsui E&P Middle East BV has 20%.

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