NCT, Santa Maria test Llanos heavy oil discovery

NCT Energy Group CA Colombia will apply for extended production test authority for the Flami-1 discovery well on the Llanos 27 block in Colombia, said partner Santa Maria Petroleum Inc., Toronto.

Given the Mirador formation’s lower productivity and higher water cut, it was decided to terminate tests in the MIrador and produce the Une formation. The well will be shut-in until approval is granted, expected in 4-6 weeks.

Phase 1 tests of the Une formation, perforated at 9,086-9,100 ft, involved producing out the drilling control fluids and cleaning the wellbore. Over a 60-hr period the well produced 1,514 b/d of 15.5° gravity oil with 13% average water cut. Recovery totaled 3,786 bbl of oil in 60 hr.

Following Phase 1 the well was shut in for pressure build-up, and pressure reached 3,850 psi. In Phase 2 the well recovered 5,496 bbl of oil in 73 hr and was produced in stages.

It produced 1,695 bbl in 29 hr with 20% average water cut in Stage 1, 1,527 bbl in 20 hr with 12% water cut in Stage 2, 1,350 bbl in 15 hr with 12% water cut in Stage 3, and 924 bbl in 9 hr with 12% water cut in Stage 4.

Santa Maria is paying 50% of well cost to earn 45.275% of production before payout and 34.25% of production after payout under a private participating interest agreement.

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