Sea Dragon taps deeper oil pay in Egypt's Kom Ombo

Sea Dragon Energy Inc., Calgary, said the Al Baraka-16 well has discovered oil in a separate fault block southwest of the main Al Baraka field in the Kom Ombo basin in southern Egypt.

The development well, drilled to a total depth of 7,590 ft in basement, tested oil from the Kom Ombo C sand pay and has the potential to more than double current field production.

The well encountered oil shows in the Six Hills F1, Kom Ombo C, and Kom Ombo A sands. Cores were cut in the Six Hills F1 and Kom Ombo A. Core and petrophysical analyses show 60 ft of oil pay in the Kom Ombo C, 18 ft in the Six Hills F1, and 4 ft in the Kom Ombo A.

Sea Dragon selectively perforated the Kom Ombo C at 6,610-6,767 ft and tested with nitrogen lift at a rate of up to 530 b/d of oil. This is the first commercial oil discovery in the Kom Ombo C sands, in which oil shows were observed in other wells previously drilled on the concession.

The company plans to place the well on an extended production test to establish a stabilized production rate, map the extent of the pay, and develop a plan for future step-out wells.

Meanwhile, the West Al Baraka-2 well, the second oil discovery on the Kom Ombo concession, is awaiting hydraulic fracture stimulation. The frac program will be carried out by mid-June to determine the commercial viability of the discovery.

The Faris-1 exploratory well, the second commitment well, is projected to 6,700 ft to basement 4.5 km south of Al Baraka field, 4.3 km south of the AB-16 discovery, and 5.5 km northeast of the WAB-2 discovery. Faris-1 is to test a large separate fault structure.  The primary objective of this well is to appraise the Kom Ombo C sands updip from AB-16 with the secondary objectives being the shallower Six Hills and Abu Ballas formations.

Success at Faris-1 will open the Kom Ombo C sands play, as several follow up prospects and development locations have been identified, Sea Dragon said.

Al Baraka field averages 500 b/d of light oil from multiple reservoirs. The Kom Ombo concession covers 11,400 sq km 1,000 km south of Cairo. Sea Dragon has a 50% working interest and is a joint operator of the concession with Dana Gas, Sharjah, owning the remaining 50%.

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