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Liquids pipeline operators adopt safety principles

US liquids pipeline operators adopted eight safety principles following the Association of Oil Pipe Lines and American Petroleum Institute Pipeline Subcommittee’s joint summer leadership meeting on June 24. The principles, which evolved from operator experiences and API’s Pipeline Performance Tracking System program, will help focus and improve industry safety programs and performance, officials said.

The principles emphasize zero incidents, organization-wide commitments, a culture of safety, continuous improvement, learning from experience, systems to measure success, technology employment, and full communication with the public and other stakeholders.

“Liquid pipeline operators have a long history of working together to improve pipeline safety,” AOPL President Andrew J. Black said. “Formally adopting these pipeline safety principles recognizes their dedication to improving safety even more in the future.”

API Pipeline Director Peter Lidiak said, “Our members have worked hard to measure their performance and identify ways to improve. While we’ve seen great improvement, more is needed to move us towards a goal of zero incidents.”

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