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IADC to enhance competency guidelines for rig personnel

The International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) announced an industry project to develop enhanced competency guidelines for rig personnel by expanding IADC’s existing knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) templates.

The competency project will cover virtually all rig positions. The first phase will focus on safety-critical rig jobs having well-control responsibilities.

The main objective is to provide tools for confirming proficiency of the current drilling work force, developing competence levels for new workers, and helping to ensure industry-accepted levels of competency exist when recruiting.

“IADC is the global leader in developing competency and training programs for the drilling industry,” said IADC Chairman Dan Rabun, who also is Ensco PLC chairman, president, and chief operating officer.

“This ambitious expansion of IADC’s KSAs represents a step change for safety and competency.”

In addition to generic rig positions, the new project will cover enhanced KSAs for highly specialized occupations such as subsea engineers.

The KSAs can also form the building blocks of future IADC accreditation and certification programs, said IADC, which runs accreditation programs for training programs conducted by oil companies, drilling contractors, firms, and independent training institutions.

The IADC KSA templates were originally released in 2000 and represented the basic skills and knowledge necessary for competence for 12 rig positions. In addition to job-specific KSAs, the IADC training committee also developed a general KSA focused on health, safety, and environmental issues.

IADC signed a contract with Petrofac Training Services to assist the project.

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