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EPA grants partial waivers allowing E15 for light-duty vehicles

The US Environmental Protection Agency granted partial waivers allowing introduction of gasoline blends with up to 15% ethanol into markets for 2001 model year or newer light-duty vehicles.

The June 15 approval came 3 days after the agency approved a number of companies’ misfueling mitigation plans. The partial waivers allow but do not require E15.

EPA acted in response to a request from Growth Energy and 54 ethanol manufacturers.

The agency based the waivers on US Department of Energy test results and other data regarding E15’s potential effect on vehicle emissions.

The American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers and the American Petroleum Institute, along with several motor vehicle and other engine manufacturers, have said that more comprehensive tests revealed potential damage from using E15.

EPA said that E15 now may be lawfully sold by a fuel or fuel additive manufacturer only after it has been properly registered and the supplier has met the misfueling mitigation and other requirements. Additional factors, including requirements under other federal, state, and local laws also could affect E15’s distribution, it indicated.

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