Galilee basin shale-CBM exploratory well spudded

Exoma Energy Ltd., Brisbane, has spudded Alma-1, first well of the Galilee Joint Venture’s 2012 exploration program as a dual test of Permian coal seam gas and the Cretaceous Toolebuc shale.

The well, in ATP 996P 100 km north of Longreach, Qld., is expected to top the Toolebuc at 453 m and top the coal at 1,030 m enroute to 1,275 m planned total depth.

Exoma will core the Betts Creek and Aramac coal measures for desorption testing. It will log the well and may test selected intervals to measure permeability.

Exoma has a 50% beneficial interest in both ATP 996P and the Alma-1 well. CNOOC Galilee Gas Co. Pty. Ltd. is earning its participating interest by a farmout whereby CNOOC provides the first $50 million of joint venture expenditures on Exoma’s five Galilee basin ATPs.

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