Eagle Rock updates incident at Texas gas plant

Eagle Rock Energy Partners LP, Houston, has released more information on the fire over the weekend at its Phoenix-Arrington Ranch gas processing plant in the Texas Panhandle.

Reiterating that no one was injured or killed in the incident, the company said the fire is under control but continues to burn remaining gas within the plant.

Damage appears concentrated at the inlet-header system, which is the primary receipt point for raw natural gas gathered from the field, the company said. Eagle Rock Energy believes damage is limited to the inlet-header system and will not extend to the cryogenic unit or processing towers.

No cause for the incident has been identified.

Currently, all gas flowing into the plant has been diverted to nearby Eagle Rock plants nearby or has been shut in. The company says it is looking at other options for gathered volumes until the Phoenix-Arrington Ranch plant returns to service.

Eagle Rock Energy continues to investigate the incident and will issue further updates—including an estimate of when the plant will be restarted—when they become available.

The company also will provide estimates of the financial impact when available, it said. Before the incident, Phoenix-Arrington Ranch generated about $3 million/month in gross margin, the company said.

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