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Crosstex Energy boosts Louisiana crude transloading terminal

Crosstex Energy LP is increasing capacity to transload crude oil from rail cars to both barges and pipelines at its Riverside fractionation facility in southern Louisiana to roughly 14,500 b/d from about 4,500 b/d. Crosstex expects to complete work on the Phase II expansion project at Riverside first-quarter 2013. A long-term supply agreement fully underwrites the expansion.

The Phase II development will include storage tanks, upgraded pipeline connections, and improved Mississippi River barge delivery capabilities. The Phase I modification of the Riverside facility, which allowed transloading crude as well as natural gas liquids from rail to barge, entered service in January.

Crosstex estimates the expansion project’s cost at $16 million.

Crosstex is also building its 130-mile, Cajun-Sibon NGL pipeline extension, which it hopes to put in service first-half 2013 (OGJ Online, Feb. 8, 2012).

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