More Mumbai High South redevelopment due

State-owned Oil & Natural Gas Corp. has approved development of the western periphery of Mumbai High South oil field offshore western India.

The project, part of a third redevelopment phase for the 30-year-old field, is expected to boost production through March 2030 by 1.031 million tonnes of oil and 213.817 million cu m of natural gas.

ONGC plans to install a 12-slot, four-leg, unmanned platform, drill 10 wells, and make associated modifications to accommodate well fluids, gas lift, and water injection.

The first phase of Mumbai High South redevelopment increased production to 170,000 b/d of oil at the beginning of 2007 from 131,400 b/d in June 2001.

A second redevelopment phase, begun after completion of the earlier phase in 2007, is nearly complete (OGJ Online, Oct. 10, 2007). ONGC expects it to improve oil recovery to 34.5%.

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