Kenya: Block 2A passive seismic to start in May

This article was corrected May 15 to accurately reflect the type of survey.

Simba Energy Inc., Vancouver, BC, will acquire 750 sq km of passive seismic on land Block 2A in Kenya starting in May.

GeoDynamics Research SRL of Italy will gather the data with 250 measuring points on 2-km spacing over parts of two basins. Simba has already identified two leads on the block by reworking existing 2D seismic.

GeoDynamics said the infrasonic passive differential spectroscopy to be employed is a direct hydrocarbon indictor process that utilizes high sensitivity seismometers. The seismometers are used in an extensive worldwide grid monitoring the earth’s subsurface seismic activity. This grid identifies the background noise as a frequency spectrum.

IPDS detects low frequency in the 1-8 Hz range as spectral signatures over hydrocarbon reservoirs. A hydrocarbon reservoir is a frequency converter and deforms the frequency of the natural earth noise. These deformed signals on spectroscopic analysis produce unique spectral signatures that are used as DHIs.

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