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Hungary: Peneszlek field sidetrack flows gas on test

The PetroHungaria kft combine has encountered 20 m of gas-bearing formations in the targeted Miocene volcaniclastic reservoirs at the Peneszlek-105A sidetrack in Peneszlek field in eastern Hungary.

The PEN-105A well exceeded management expectations and will extend field life for at least 2 years, said Ascent Resources PLC, which holds 48.3% interest in PetroHungaria. DualEx Energy International Inc., Calgary, has 40.44% interest.

PEN-105A was sidetracked from the existing PEN-105 well to 1,640 m measured depth at a bottomhole location 460 m northeast of the original well. It was designed to drain gas reserves from the northern half of the structure, which is bisected by a sealing fault. The initial well recovered 850 MMcf of gas from the smaller southern part of the structure since going on line in March 2010.

Preliminary testing of a 7-m perforated interval at PEN-105A yielded a flow of 928 Mscfd, and the well is being reconnected to production facilities. PetroHungaria will perforate additional section and perform an acid wash in coming weeks. Acid wash doubled the production rate at the initial well.

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