Egypt: Sinai Lagia field reentry producing clean oil

The PetroSinai joint venture has established production of 60 b/d of clean oil on a progressive cavity pump after workover of the Lagia-6 well drilled in 2000 in Lagia field on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

The Lower Miocene Nukhul reservoir produces 16-19° gravity oil from just above 1,500 ft (OGJ, Feb. 6, Newsletter). The rig has moved to the Lagia-7 well, also drilled in 2000, for a rework, after which it is to drill four new wells using either fracturing or cyclic steam technology.

A proposed engineered development plan calls for drilling as many as 55 wells to fully develop the current fault block on the 32 sq km Lagia Development Lease 26 km south of Sudr, Matarma, and Asl oil fields. MENA sees light oil potential in the Cretaceous at 3,400-4,300 ft.

Participants in PetroSinai are Egyptian Petroleum Co. and MENA Hydrocarbons Inc., Calgary.

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