Tupi Northeast presalt oil discovery reconfirmed

The second well drilled to confirm the Tupi Northeast presalt oil discovery in the Santos basin offshore Brazil has identified an oil column more than 290 m thick in carbonate reservoirs, said Petroleo Brasileiro SA.

Wireline samples detected 26° gravity oil at 4,960 m at the 1-BRSA-976-RJS (1-RJS-691) well in 2,131 m of water northeast of Lula field and 255 km off the city of Rio de Janeiro. The first confirmation well was 3-BRSA-944-RJS (3-RJS-688A) in the Franco area.

The well is being cased across the carbonate reservoirs, after which drilling will continue in order to fully penetrate the reservoirs and locate an oil-water contact, Petrobras said. Then formation tests will be performed.

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