Enbridge launches Bakken Expansion, Sanish oil line open seasons

Enbridge Energy Partners LP and Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc., affiliates of Enbridge Inc., are holding a second open season for the Bakken Expansion program in conjunction with an open season for EEP's proposed Sanish Pipeline.

The Sanish Pipeline is a new 36-mile, 12-in. OD crude oil line capable of moving at least 67,000 b/d from Johnson's Corner, ND, into EEP's existing facilities at Beaver Lodge, ND. The Bakken Expansion program, currently being built by EEP in the US and by Enbridge Income Fund in Canada, will add 145,000 b/d of incremental pipeline capacity from Beaver Lodge to Cromer, Man., when it enters service first-quarter 2013 (OGJ Online, Feb. 18, 2011). EEP is building a new 80,000 b/d rail export facility at Berthold, ND, to be in-service at the same time (OGJ Online, Dec. 7, 2011).

The Bakken Expansion program open season will offer pipeline capacity on Enbridge's system from Beaver Lodge into Enbridge's terminal at Cromer, Man., where it connects with the Enbridge Mainline System. The two open seasons are being conducted jointly to provide shippers with the option of contracting for capacity from Johnson's Corner to Enbridge's Beaver Lodge and Berthold Stations as well as to Cromer. Through the open seasons, shippers will have the opportunity to secure space on the Sanish Pipeline, including 15,000 b/d of service from Johnson's Corner to Cromer.

Enbridge says that, including Sanish, it has increased its North Dakota export capacity by almost 350%, with a total of 475,000 b/d to be available by 2013.

The binding open seasons close Apr. 11.

Contact Christopher E. Smith at chriss@ogjonline.com.

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