Davy Jones well flaring gas from Wilcox D zone

The Davy Jones-1 ultradeep shelf wildcat on South Marsh Island Block 230 has begun to flow natural gas from the Wilcox D sand at an undetermined rate, said operator McMoRan Exploration Co., New Orleans.

McMoRan had reported a positive pressure response from the Wilcox D, perforated on Mar. 24,

2012. On Mar. 26, the company attempted to perforate the Wilcox C sand.

As the perforating gun was being removed from the hole, the well began to flow. When the gun was brought to the surface, it was determined that the gun did not fire in the Wilcox C from what appears to be a simple disconnection of the detonator cord. McMoRan plans to use a new perforating gun to complete testing the Wilcox C.

Currently, the test is ongoing from only the Wilcox D sand with hydrocarbons being flared. The flow from the D sand is being affected by considerable debris in the 5-in. liner, from what McMoRan believes to be residual drilling fluid from drilling of the well.

Results of a clean flow test, as opposed to the current test hampered by debris, will be announced as further progress is achieved and flow rates are measurable. McMoRan will provide updates as completion operations progress.

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