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CAPP hails federal regulatory reform move

Canada’s main oil and gas industry association welcomed an initiative in the federal government’s budget proposal for streamlining regulation of resource development.

“The government recognizes that the existing system needs comprehensive reform,” said a document accompanying the budget announcement. “The government will bring forward legislation to implement system-wide improvements to achieve the goal of ‘one project, one review’ in a clearly defined time period.”

In Canada, provincial governments regulate onshore oil and gas development. A federal department, Natural Resources Canada, oversees agencies that regulate offshore work as well as international, interprovincial, and environmental aspects of onshore activity.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers welcomed the reform move.

“The changes broadly outlined in the federal budget will improve our business climate and competitiveness without compromising our commitment to responsible, sustainable development,” said CAPP Pres. Dave Collyer.

He called for “more-efficient processes, time-limited decision-making, and better coordination both within and among governments to eliminate regulatory overlap.”

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