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Quebec: Corridor sees Macasty-Utica similarities

The Macasty shale on Anticosti Island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence offshore Quebec has properties similar to those of the Utica shale, the Macasty geological equivalent in eastern Ohio, said Corridor Resources Inc., Halifax, NS.

Results of a petrophysical study by Schlumberger Canada Ltd. demonstrate that the majority of rock parameters are very similar, including net pay, total organic carbon, clay content, and hydrocarbon saturation, Corridor said.

The porosity of the Chaloupe Macasty shale averages 4-6%, which compares favorably to the Ohio Utica shale. This factor, together with earlier permeability analyses, is a positive indicator for oil and gas production potential.

Corridor, which controls nearly 900,000 acres of prospective Macasty lands on Anticosti Island, said the data would suggest that the rock properties of the Macasty shale are similar to that of the Utica shale in Ohio where a number of companies are active.

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