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Poland: Saponis spuds shale exploratory well

Saponis Investments Sp. z o.o. has spudded the Miszewo T-1 well on the Trzebielino concession between Gdansk and Koszalin in northern Poland.

After drilling Miszewo, expected to take 40 days, the rig is to move east to the Gapowo location on the Bytow concession. BNK Petroleum Inc., Camarillo, Calif., owns 26% of Saponis through its Indiana Investments Sp. z o.o. subsidiary.

An objective of the wells is to verify BNK’s geological model, which indicates that the target shales on the Trzebielino and Bytow concessions were deposited in a deeper basin environment than encountered by the previously drilled wells. The deeper environment and transgressive nature of the deposit is expected to lead to richer and thicker organic shales than found in the Lebork S-1 well northeast of Miszewo.

Saponis, meanwhile, plans to recover long-term pressure test gauges placed in the Lebork well in October 2011 and perform injectivity and long-term leakoff tests to confirm injection rates and pressures prior to restimulating the well in April 2012, subject to shareholder approval.

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