Discovery Gas lets Foster Wheeler offshore contract

Discovery Gas Transmission LLC awarded Foster Wheeler Upstream a contract to provide design, engineering, and technical services for a junction platform, facilities, and associated pipelines within the Discovery system at South Timbalier Block 283, in the Gulf of Mexico.

The platform, in 350 ft of water, will be a four-pile structure with a two-level deck. The platform will be designed as an unmanned structure with a control system designed to shut down in case of an upset.

The new infrastructure will enable the existing Discovery pipeline to operate at a higher pressure, both before and after connection of the new Keathley Canyon pipeline.

Williams Partners LP and DCP Midstream Partners LP plan to expand Discovery in the deepwater gulf by building the Keathley Canyon Connector, a 215-mile, 20-in. OD subsea gas gathering pipeline for production from the Keathley Canyon, Walker Ridge, and Green Canyon areas (OGJ Online, Jan. 19, 2012).

Williams owns 60% of the Discovery system and operates it. DCP Midstream owns 40% of the system.


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