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Algeria's North Reggane fields to flow 280 MMcfd

Repsol YPF and partners Sonatrach, RWE Dea, and Edison of Italy have won approval from Algerian authorities to develop the $3 billion North Reggane gas project in west-central Algeria.

The group will develop Reggane, Azrafil Southeast, Kahlouche, South Kahlouche, Tiouliline, and Sali fields with 104 wells in blocks 351c and 352c in the Reggane basin 1,500 km southwest of Algiers. Production is to start in mid-2016, reach a stable peak of 280 MMcfd of gas within 12 years, and span 25 years.

The project includes the construction of a gas treatment plant, a gas accumulation system, a pipeline for export, and a runway, electrical systems, and other infrastructure. The companies, which approved the development plan on Nov. 30, 2011, will begin basic front-end engineering work, topographic and geotechnical studies, and a 3D seismic survey in coming months.

Project interests are Repsol 29.25%, Sonatrach 40%, RWE Dea AG 19.5%, and Edison 11.25%.

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