UK: Thick shale with gas logged near Liverpool

IGas Energy PLC said it logged a number of potentially gas-productive zones in 1,000 ft of shale encountered at its Ince Marshes onshore well in PEDL 190 south of Liverpool, England.

The well, now suspended, logged and cored 36 ft of net coal thickness in multiple seams with encouraging gas shows. Core and log results are being interpreted.

Meanwhile, the well was still in the shale at total depth. The shale is called the Bowland shale of Lower Carboniferous age in British Geological Survey stratigraphy and is referred to locally as the Holywell shale.

Logs and cuttings from the shale section are also being analyzed. Predrill independent analysis suggested intial gas in place in the shale of as much as 4.6 tcf in the area. The company said the shales are understood to be the source rock for hydrocarbon formations in Liverpool Bay (OGJ Online, Feb. 15, 2010).

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