Tajikistan: Tethys seeks partner for subsalt exploration

Tethys Petroleum Ltd. said its BST20 well in the center of Beshtentak field in Tajikistan, initially thought to be draining a separate fault compartment, appears from more recent production performance to be in possible communication with the BST103 well.

BST103 is producing gas from the field for the city of Kulob. The company has therefore restricted output at BST20, initially tested at rates in excess of 600 b/d of oil, to learn the extent of communication by further testing to “ensure that the wells are not adversely affecting each other’s production,” the company said. BST20 rates may be further restricted.

Meanwhile, the company has identified two more workover candidates in other parts of the field and will locate one or two high-angle or horizontal crestal development wells that would have the potential to achieve higher production rates than BST20.

Initial analysis of an aerial graviometry survey confirm the presence of very large, deep subsalt prospects in several parts of the Bokhtar production sharing contract area, and pending more detailed analysis Tethys is seeking a partner for deeper exploration. Tethys owns an 85% interest in the Bokhtar PSC after recent acquisition of a further 34% interest from its partner.

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