Papua New Guinea: Triceratops-2 drilling near Bwata

InterOil Corp., Houston, has spudded the Triceratops-2 appraisal well in PPL 237 in Papua New Guinea.

The well, 2.1 miles west of the 1959 Bwata-1 gas-condensate discovery well and 2.9 miles southwest of Triceratops-1, is projected to 7,579 ft. It is predicted to penetrate the top of the carbonate reservoir 1,500 ft higher than the Bwata-1 gas-water contact. Bwata-1 tested as much as 28 MMcfd of gas and defined a 512-ft gas column, InterOil said.

More than 128 line-km of InterOil seismic has defined a larger structural closure than previously recognized. InterOil observed seismic facies character and geometries analogous to the Antelope reefal build-up.

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