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Colombia: Llanos Mirador heavy oil discovery gauged

NCT EG Energy Group Colombia has gauged an oil discovery at the Mani-1 well on the Llanos 27 block in Colombia.

Canadian partners in the block said the well, the first in an exploratory program on the block, went to a total depth of 10,850 ft.

Initial production rates were 1,510 b/d of fluid with a 32% water cut, equating to 1,025 b/d of 14° gravity oil. During the course of the following 57-hr test, rates improved to 2,310 b/d of fluid and a 16% water cut, or 1,940 b/d of 16° gravity oil from Upper Mirador at 9,482-86 ft. Extended testing is planned subject to ministerial approval expected to take as long as 4 weeks.

Quetzal Energy Ltd. and Brownstone Energy Inc., both of Toronto, are each paying 50% of the cost to drill and test the well to earn private participating interests of 45.275% before payout and 34.25% after payout.

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