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Albanian refinery modernization due study

Albanian Refining & Marketing of Oil (ARMO) has let a contract to the Global Engineering & Construction Group of Foster Wheeler AG to study feasibility of modernizing its two refineries in Albania.

According to Oil & Gas Journal’s annual Worldwide Refining Report, ARMO’s refinery at Ballshi has crude capacity of 17,800 b/cd. The facility also has 12,000 b/cd of delayed coking, 3,500 b/cd of catalytic reforming, and 17,400 b/cd of catalytic hydrotreating capacity (OGJ, Dec. 5, 2011, p. 30).

ARMO’s simple refinery at Fieri has crude capacity of 8,500 b/cd.

Foster Wheeler said the formerly state-owned ARMO, privatized in 2008, wants to restore production by the refineries to original design capacity and enable them to produce transportation fuels complying with European regulations.

The study is to be complete by mid-2012.

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