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Wyoming: Comments sought on wellsite near LaBarge

The US Bureau of Land Management’s Pinedale, Wyo., field office is seeking public comments on a proposed pad for a single natural gas well in Lincoln County 14 miles southwest of LaBarge, Wyo. The well and pad would be on an existing improved access road in the Miller Mountain area, it said in a Nov. 29 announcement.

It noted that the proposed project would be in a Class II Visual Resource Management Area and the Miller Mountain Management Area under the Pinedale Resources Management Plan. The areas are used for outdoor recreation and by sage grouse, elk, mule deer, and pronghorn, it said.

The project’s applicant was not identified, but the US Department of the Interior agency said that the applicant holds a valid lease and proposes occupying about 4 acres as the well is drilled in 2012.

BLM said that the field office is preparing an environmental assessment, and public comments will help identify alternatives, issues associated with the proposal, the proposed project’s potential impacts, and mitigation measures which could reduce those impacts.

It said that comments, which should be as specific as possible, will be accepted at the Pinedale field office until Dec. 20.

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