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Utah: Comments due on proposed Natural Buttes wells

The US Bureau of Land Management is seeking public comments on EOG Resources Inc.’s proposal to directionally drill 11 natural gas wells from two pads 50 miles south of Vernal, Utah.

BLM’s Vernal field office is preparing an environmental assessment of the proposal and will accept comments until Jan. 13, 2012, it said in a Dec. 12 notice. The site is in 25-9s-22e, Uintah County, in the Chapita Wells unit of giant Natural Buttes gas-condensate field.

The agency said that less than 1 acre of disturbance per well pad under the proposal is expected under the proposal, and existing roads would provide access to the project area. Existing gas lines along the access roads would be used, with any new pipelines constructed on the lease. Additional pipeline construction, grading, and right-of-way would not be needed.

If dry, the wells would be plugged and abandoned as BLM and Utah state regulations require.

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