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Philippines: SC 54A to see extended 2D seismic survey

A group led by Nido Petroleum Philippines Pty. Ltd. will shoot 70 line-km of 2D seismic over the greater Lawaan-Libas prospect area in SC 54A off Palawan Island in the Philippines.

The objective is to determine if Lawaan and Libas represent a single large prospect at the Nido limestone reservoir level. The survey, to take 2 days in early December, will be shot in tandem with the Pawikan 2D survey now being acquired in adjacent SC 54B also operated by Nido.

Confirmation that the two prospects are structurally connected would further upgrade the potential of Lawaan, at present the lead drilling candidate in SC 54A.

Nido Petroleum’s partners in SC 54A are Yilgarn Petroleum Philippines Pty. Ltd., a subsidiary of Kairiki Energy Ltd., Trafigura Ventures III BV, and TG World (BVI) Corp.

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